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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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46                        THE FATE OF MAN

fascists of to-day.   Formal Liberalism, indifferent
to the truth and to individualism, has not only
led to terrible injustice and inequality, but it has
given to the idea of freedom associations which
are now repulsive and unpleasant.   Liberty must
not be understood in a negative and formal sense
only, but rather in its positive content*   Liberty
will be saved by its union with Truth—it can not
be saved by indifference to Truth,   Know the
Truth and the Truth shall make you free.   The
age of sceptical liberty is closing, a new age is
beginning.   Freedom, understood as something
positive and joined with creativeness, becomes
creative energy.   Freedom means not only free-
dom  of choice,,   but  choice  itself.   Freedom
cannot be simply a formal self-defence; it must
lead to creative activity.   The transition is in-
evitable from formal liberty, by which each
protects and defends himself, to true freedom by
means of which human society is creatively trans-
figured.   But the transition to true and creative
liberty means, first of all, not the rights of the
citizen, but of man as a concrete and integral
being, a being rooted in the spiritual order.

The transition to true freedom also means the
proclamation of the rights of the labourer, the
producer. Winning true liberty for every pro-
ducer, every labourer, means the abolition of
that social order which was based on so-called